Crafty Puzzles - Random Pick #9

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Random Pick #9 from My Collection.

This week I picked the Crafty Puzzles from my collection. 

These puzzles are all manufactured by the craftypuzzles.com company themselves, so they're quite unique. Each puzzle is built from Teak wood and gets an application of Bees wax. You can prove it when you  take a puzzle apart and notice that its pieces are a bit greasy in the interior due to this very wax. They can release a pleasant smell from it, though. 

One thing you should know is that these puzzles shouldn't be close to a heat source, i.e. expose them at direct sunlight, as this will cause the pieces to shrink and it would be a lot easier to spot the 'key' piece on the puzzle then (the one that allows the rest of the puzzle to be taken apart).

The quality of the puzzles is excellent. They're very well crafted and many of them are original designs, only produced by the company. They can and should be displayed as ornaments on a desk or on a shelf.

As with many interlocking puzzles, these have a variety of difficulties. One of the easiest is, for example, the Crystal Ball and the hardest is probably, the Star Urai. For most of the cases, taking them apart is way easier than returning them to the original state. The real challenge is actually putting them back together... And it gets even more difficult if you don't have a picture of the finished puzzle to guide you.

Summarizing, these are very high quality puzzles. Not just for a puzzle collector, but also for anyone that likes a good challenge and on top of that, gets a nice decorative item that isn't just a fancy paper-weight. You can find several more like these below, on their website.

Pillar 5
Chain Block
Oval Ball
Star Urai
Crystal Ball
Key 9


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