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The Secret Treasure belongs to a series of Secret Boxes that are sold in SeriousPuzzles.com.

Secret Boxes are somewhat similar to Japanese Puzzle Boxes, although you just need one or two movements to open them, unlike the Japanese ones, where you have to make a sequence of movements to solve them. They are also much cheaper, but their quality is not less impressive.

This particular box has an amazing craftsmanship and is visually stunning. It's made in Poland, from linden wood and hand carved with brass inlay and also has the interior lined with a red velvet-like material.

It's not so difficult to open. A close inspection to the box will probably suffice to open it in less than 5 minutes, so not a great challenge there. This is not a bad thing, at all though, because when you buy a box like this, you aren't just buying a puzzle to pass the time, you're purchasing a beautiful piece of art. If you're a puzzle collector like me, then you'll understand why even an easy puzzle like this is worth its place among the other ones.

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Japanese puzzle box said...

This blog is about the japanese secrete box.These are somewhat similar to japanese puzzle box.It requires two or more movements to open it.
Japan Craft

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