Skewb - Random Pick #11

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Invented by Tony Durham in 1982 and distributed by Uwe Meffert, the Skewb is a twisty puzzle with 4 axis of rotation. The corners are stationary, which means that only the four diagonals of each face rotate, turning half the cube with every single move.

Solving wise, it's similar to the Pyraminx, although it's a bit more difficult to orientate the corners.

The appearance of the Skewb is one of its most attractive features. This version has fluorescent stickers that have a great touch feeling. The solving experience is perhaps one of the best things Uwe Meffert does to some of its puzzles, which is that 'clicky' mechanism the puzzle has when you rotate it. It's a very simple and ingenious design, but ultimately one the most popular Meffert's puzzles and one that everyone starting a collection, should have.

Since its release, there have been a few Skewb versions, like the Katsuhiko Okamoto's Master Skewb, the Drewseph's Elite Skewb or the recently released Tony Fisher's Holey Skewb. The Skewb mechanism is also used in several other puzzles, like the Golden Egg series or the Creative Puzzleball.

The original Skewb can no longer be purchased at Meffert's website, but you can still purchase one at Puzzle Master.


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