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The Saturn puzzle is made and distributed by the Mag-Nif company. They sell other puzzles as well.

The puzzle itself has eight segments around the middle of a sphere mechanism. They are numbered from 1 to 8 on both sides, so when you rotate them (only four at a time with 180º around the center), they get scrambled with the opposite four numbers of the other side. The disc can also be easily rotated around the center. 

I have to say, the puzzle turns very well, not only the disc, but also the half turns, which rotates like a breeze.

It has close similarities with the Brainball, which has two rotating slices instead of just one, thus a bit more difficult. As Jaap says in the puzzle description, solving wise, is similar to the Topspin and Masterball, so if you're familiar with these, you're not going to have trouble mastering the Saturn.

Regarding the looks of the puzzle, and contrary to some people, I love it. It actually resembles the planet Saturn. In fact, when I purchased it from a TwistyPuzzles.com member, I had the opportunity to buy the Brainball instead, but I chose this one, as it looked much nicer. This doesn't change the fact that I still want to get a Brainball in the near future, though, because it's a bit more challenging than the Saturn and it's a different puzzle after all, for collecting purposes.

The Saturn can be purchased directly at Mag-Nif's website for only $10.

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