Bamboo Puzzle

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This particular Bamboo Puzzle is part of a four puzzle collection released by 'mi Toys' and belongs to their dedicated 'mimi Puzzles' brand, with this one being the fourth and last in the series.

Bamboo is a great looking material to build puzzles, although it's something you don't see very often. There were used two Bamboo colors and as you can see, it gives an amazing visual effect with the stripes pattern. The interior of the puzzle is completely hollow, with six rectangular pieces (four identical and two other "key" pieces), holding together this beautiful shape.

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The Goal? - It's simple, like any other interlocking puzzles, disassemble and then assemble it back to it's original form.

There's five degrees of difficulty, from 1* to 5*, but only three of them (2*, 3* and 4*) are used to categorize the four puzzles though. The one showed here is difficulty 3*.

This series is marketed as "3D puzzles made of environment friendly material", and even the packaging used is from recycled cardboard paper.

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The Bamboo Puzzle and the other three can be found in the German toys-for-all online shop. You can also find there a few other similar bamboo puzzles.

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A curiosity about Bamboo: Some people might not know this, but the Bamboo plant isn't a wood, it's actually a grass. It is considered a renewable resource for being one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet, reaching its maturity in only three years.


mastercuber said...


did you ask Mitoys from where they have the design or who is the designer ???

Gabriel said...

Hi there. No, unfortunately, I don't have information on the designer.

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