Chess Puck - Random Pick #12

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The Chess Puck is my 12th Random Pick from My Collection.

The puzzle was invented by Geza Csomos, Udulo Mszmp and Zoltan Pataki in 1991.

The name comes for its resemblance and exact measures of a real hockey puck. It has 12 segments around a sliced center disc and you play it by rotating these segments, six at a time in 180º turns. It plays like a Super Square-1, only with one layer or a Mag-Nif Saturn, but with 12 segmens instead of 8.

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The Chess Puck is actually one of many released designs over the years, with my favorites being the actual Chess Puck and also the Canada Puck. There's different difficulties, depending on the design, whether it's a simple picture with a few similar segments or a theme that requires you to order all segments in a specific sequence. The Chess Puck is one of the latter, where you need to order the black and white chess pieces in the correct hierarchy. You can also try at least, four other easier challenges with the Chess Puck, given that only the upper side has the chess pieces pattern printed on it, while the bottom side has just plain black and white segments:

- The first challenge is just to get the black segments in one half and the white ones in the other half. No need to worry about correct order, just blacks and whites.

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- The second challenge is similar to the one you find on the Half Black Rainbow Puck. Get one half of the puzzle with the correct order of either the black or the white chess pieces and the other half with just the plain black or white segments, depending on the one you used for the other half.

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- In the third challenge, you can also try a similar one found on the Blue & White and Black & Yellow Pucks. Just alternate all 12 segments between black and white.

- Finally, in the fourth challenge, try to order the plain black and white segments in a two by two sequence. In other words, try to make a similar pattern like the Radioactive Puck, but with white instead of orange.

You can still find a lot of designs for sale. A few of them are available from the company that manufactures them, Whole Systems Design, Inc. and many more from Milan's Store and PuzzleShop.de.



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