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Created by puzzle inventor George Miller and distributed by Recent Toys since 2009, Cubigami7 is a Folding Puzzle. In 2005 it was entered at the 25th IPP Design Competition. At the time, the prototype was only in acrylic, as you can see from this photo.

Cubigami7, named like this because you can only make 7 shapes with its 18 pieces. The puzzle can be unfolded to a 6x6 grid and from that configuration, any of the seven shapes can be assembled. The pieces are all linked together by their sides, which varies from one to all four sides (only one piece is linked with others at its four sides).

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The most common color scheme used is 5 yellow, 5 purple and 8 green, although you can see different schemes used in other countries.

It's very easy to manipulate the puzzle. Each linked piece can rotate on its axis up or down and since you don't have any loose pieces, you have to use every one of them in all 7 shapes. However, this fact doesn't make it any easier to assemble all possible shapes. On the contrary, because you have to figure out which pieces to fold and where each one belongs in the shape you're trying to make. Most of the times, a trial and error will get you there, but it's way more fun to visualize the shape first and then work around that image.

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As said on the box, the first shapes might be easy to build, but to assemble all seven shapes it's no easy task. If you use the pictures of the shapes displayed in the box as a guide, you might get your work facilitated, because you can see where each color is placed on the specific shape. As a first challenge, try to assemble the desired shape only by your instinct, and then if you have trouble to get there, you can use the pictures to help you...

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In conclusion, the Cubigami7 is a nice 3D puzzle. It's a great way to stimulate your 3D thinking and visualization and it's recommended to anyone that likes creative toys with the ability to make different shapes.

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