Luxor Pyramid

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Pyramid puzzles have this strikingly beautiful appearance that it's hard to pass unnoticed. Over these four years of collecting I acquired several of them, and the Luxor Pyramid, an assembly puzzle, is my latest one.

This is a rather large puzzle measuring 17.5cm in length (about 7"), and has a great contrast level with two types of wood. It comes with a nice wooden base and, I don't know what to call that triangle that goes around the pyramid, but it sure is a nice design touch. There are 14 pieces and they can be divided in three different groups: three square pyramids; six triangular pyramids and five triangular prisms. All pieces are identical within each group.

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The pieces could have used a little more work in the sanding department, as there are some noticeable wooden splinters here and there, which might get in your fingers pretty easily. We all know how nasty those can be...

Don't be fooled by the number of pieces, though. The puzzle is actually quite easy to assemble once taken apart. It's a level 3/5, rated by Brilliant Puzzles. When I first disassembled the pyramid I assumed it only had one solution and one way to stack the pieces, but as I continued I discovered that it was possible to build it in other patterns. I was very pleased with the finding and so, I attempted a few other alternative patterns.

I'm not a mathematician, but I could see that the reason for this was the direct relationship between the lengths of the different pieces. The triangles all had the same perimeter, as well as the squares. The only thing that changed was the way the pieces were assembled. I didn't count how many different arrangements are possible, but if you don't take into account the asymmetrical patterns, I'm guessing more than a dozen.

(Click to Enlarge) - Alternative Patterns

Closing Comments:

The Luxor Pyramid might not be so challenging for an experienced puzzler, but the possibility of building multiple patterns expands its playability and makes it worth the price. Also, makes for a great decorative desk item.

Availability: I got the Luxor Pyramid from the online puzzle shop Brilliant Puzzles, but as of the time of writing, It's unavailable. Alternatively, you can buy their 14 Pieces Pyramid, which is completely identical to the one I show here, except for the triangle that's placed in the middle.

(Click to Enlarge) - Identical to 14 Pieces Pyramid


Jim Eadon said...

A most excellent puzzle - art meets science and most tastefully so!

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