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PuzzleMaster's Wire Puzzles have been making regular appearances in my reviews for some time now, not only because they're quite the challenge, but also because they have a great price/quality relationship. The Scorpion, another original design, is yet another nice example of the wide selection of wire puzzles you'll discover at the Canadian puzzle store.

Design-wise, if it weren't for the name, I would have had a hard time finding out that the puzzle is supposed to look like a scorpion. Maybe the back of the wire frame slightly resembles a scorpion shape... Besides the wire frame, there's also a string with two attached rings and two beads. The goal is to remove the larger ring from the puzzle.

Rated as a level 8/10, I would say that's about right for the kind of challenge you'll encounter. I have definitely solved harder level 8 puzzles, although the solution is anything but simple. With a mixture of wire and string - an explosive mixture, I might say - there's plenty of room to make some unwanted knots. My advice is to avoid at all costs make more than the necessary loops around the frame. Try to remember your steps, as it may become crucial to "rewind" from a mistake.

The two beads are there for a reason, since they're large enough to not pass through the Scorpion's body. The rings below the beads also can't go through the main ring. I've been saying in previous reviews to pay close attention at the puzzle's features and unusual characteristics, but in this one, let's just say that there's more than it's actually needed. In other words, there may be parts of the puzzle that are there just to lead you in the wrong direction. I know, because I've spent a good time there, and only after a while I decided to try something else. I'm not saying much about the solution, but I can tell you that it's way simpler than you might think, as looks can be deceiving.

Solution: For a .pdf of the solution, click here.

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Closing Comments:

What more can I say? - Another great puzzle by PuzzleMaster. The beauty of the Scorpion lies in the solution itself and how much you can change the appearance of a puzzle to make it even more complex. If you like wire puzzles, go for it. If you don't like someone, offer them one...

Availability: The Scorpion puzzle is available at PuzzleMaster for just about $10 CAD, as well as many others in their wire brand. They also have a very similar puzzle, the Scorpion's Sting, but I'm intrigued as to how it can be a level 10 if it's almost identical.


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