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Hanayama certainly knows how to make great puzzles, and the latest Cast Chess series is proof of that. Six puzzles, each representing a chess piece, and all in silver, make up this exquisite collection. Originally designed by Marcel Gillen, Hanayama hasn't disappointed in their version of the French designer's puzzles.

The Knight is yet another wonderful puzzle made by the talented craftsmen at Hanayama, with a clean and polished surface. This is possibly the most beautiful and elegant of the Cast Chess series, in my opinion. It is so well made that it could be mistaken by a decorative object, which only the most astute could find out that this is even a puzzle. It's like a well disguised small safe, as the interior hollow allows you to hide a small coin or any other object of the same proportions.

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The mechanism is similar to the other Cast Chess puzzles, but has its own unique way of opening it. It's like having identical locks, but you need different keys to open them. And there lies the beauty of these puzzles. You might suspect how they are locked, but you have to study them in detail to really find what distinguishes them from the others.

Difficulty-wise, the Knight is about the same level as its brethren. It's difficult enough to have you guessing for several minutes, but not as difficult to provoque a frustrating feeling. It actually has the right amount of challenge that might leave you satisfied once you solve it.

Solution: If you get stuck, click here to download the Solution.

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Closing Comments:

The Knight is my favorite Cast Chess puzzle so far. It's beautiful and challenging, and the hidden mechanism is very well designed. If you like Cast Puzzles, then it's a safe bet you'll love this or any other from the Cast Chess series.

Availability: You can find the Cast Chess Knight and all the others in the Cast Chess series at PuzzleMaster. For more Cast Puzzles, check out this page.


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